Friday, March 22, 2019

The new Agile Faking Framework

FATE transformations now available at just $1000 per employee. Contact me if you have money to spare.

FATE IS NOT SAFe - FATE is a warning to anyone who thinks you can get benefits by brainlessly incorporating a new structure into your existing organization without applying critical thinking skills.


  1. You ha've left me speechless for a few seconds...well not at all. You just expressed my thoughts through this model.
    There's a little anger in it, or just a big dose of polemic.
    I don't no if to laugh or to be sad. Setting up useless metrics, blocking people with useless work, setting up unclear goals and even getting angry when questions to be more precise are thrown back to the requester (Manager) sounds so familiar to me.
    As you know, I'm not a developer but I want to make progres on my agile journey, no matter what the outcome will be.
    They have finally fired me, because of my critical thinking and my resistence against their perverded way of acting. Well, I think the truth is, there just was no manager left, who thought he could convince me of adapting more to the hierarchic "monopoly"-game.
    As the saying goes: --> take it, change it, or leave it...Well, they finally made a decision, while (or because) I was trying to "change it".

    Believe me, I had my doubts I'm happy, because with each of your posts, with every SCRUM-Master Toolbox-podcast episode and each line of your book I'm more convinced, that it wasn't me, who was wrong all the time.

    Thank you.

  2. Overall alignment is far more effectuve than local optimuzation.

    1. Alignment on a meaningful, visionary goal is a great thing and can actually drive innovation and progress.
      Alignment around structure and process - impedes productivity and market responsiveness.

      That's why SAFe clearly supports "decentralized decision making" wherever it's economical.
      A FATE Organization might just centralize decisions (worst case: to committees) to maintain control.


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